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We offer super high end leaderheads fashioned by master coppersmith Don Miller, as well as lower cost locally produced items.

Those who are familiar with The Copperworks of Don Miller remember that these were the finest leaderheads that could be purchased anywhere. And we are very pleased to announce that they are available again exclusively through us. Lead time for Don Millers leaderheads will vary and is currently about six weeks. The return of cast bronze leaderheads is coming soon.

Leaderheads offered here not produced by Copperworks may be found by clicking next or using the index button to the left. These are in general more available and cheaper but should not be considered as remotely equal to the Copperworks line. Yes, all 70 of our leaderheads are still available, in Copper, steel and galvalum

Cast bronze Octangonal Wagner style leaderhead with 4" outlet


Add to any non Copperworks leaderhead the following options;

Internal Bracket $15.00[ to secure downspout inside of leaderhead ]

Internal Brass Screen $8.00

Pre-punched mounting holes $5.00

Lid $20.00

or choose all options @ 40.00 extra per unit.

Copperworks leaderheads are currently available in 32 ounce copper. What makes them special besides that? Look at the detail of this seam above. Click next for more information.